UCP of the Golden Gate Life without limits for people with disabilities™

EVERYONE IN – One-to-One Afterschool Assistance for Children

The Everyone In afterschool program enables children with disabilities to attend traditional afterschool care programs by providing a one-to-one Recreation Assistant.  The primary objective of the program is to support a wide array of childcare choices for children with disabilities while facilitating social and recreational interaction between children with disabilities and their peers in order to promote understanding, decrease isolation, and foster the ideal that everyone has a place within our community. It is our hope that through personal interaction and shared experiences, a life model of integration can be developed that children with and without disabilities can carry throughout their lives.

How Does it Work?

  • With the assistance of UCPGG, parents or guardians obtain approval of service from their designated Regional Center (Regional Center of the East Bay or Golden Gate Regional Center).
  • Parents identify an afterschool program that meets their family’s needs (i.e. comfort level, work schedule, etc.) and enroll their child.
  • With assistance from UCPGG (ad placement, etc.) parents identify a person to serve as their child’s Recreation Assistant.
  • UCPGG provides all requisite background screening/testing and hires the Recreation Assistant.

What Does it Cost?

UCPGG pays for the Recreation Assistant. The participating family is only responsible for the standard costs of the afterschool program they choose.

Who Is Eligible?

Qualifying preschoolers and children in Kindergarten – 8th Grade who are clients of the Golden Gate Regional Center or Regional Center East Bay, and who reside in Alameda, San Francisco, Contra Costa or Marin counties.

How Do I Get “In”?

For more information about the program or how to join, please contact the UCPGG office at (510) 832-7430 or email: info@ucpgg.org.

What are People Saying about the Program?

“DJ is happy! The aide (is) able to educate other children about a disability and they are accepting of DJ. It is also a ‘safety’ issue; I know he is ok. I can now increase my hours at work and know that DJ is safe.” – Everyone In Parent

“By supplying Recreation Assistants to children with special needs, UCP has given the parents of these children an opportunity they weren’t always afforded in the past – school site childcare. Like many childcare programs, the staff-to-student ratios aren’t always conducive to the needs of kids who require aides in the classroom. Recreation Assistants provide the support children need to integrate and fully participate in the program and activities.” – Mark DeMuri, Kids First Program Manager, New Haven School District