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AT/AAC Initiative

Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication (AT/AAC) Initiative

UCP of the Golden Gate (UCPGG) has made a commitment to enhance and increase the utilization of Assistive Technology and Augmentative Communication devices in special education. The ultimate goal is to enable learners of all abilities to leverage technology to the fullest extent possible to maximize their academic potential. Specifically, this effort will:

• Increase stakeholder’s (i.e., teacher’s, parent’s, SLP’s, aide’s, etc.) awareness of the technological options available to them,

• Provide training and support services to learners and stakeholders,

• Increase and facilitate access to technology by providing cost effective, economically feasible options, and

• Provide hands-on access to a wide range of applications and devices in order to allow students and stakeholders to “test drive” and evaluate AT/AAC options.

Our first project in this initiative included partnering with the Best Buy Foundation to provide an entire class of special education students with assistive technology and augmentative communication devices. This effort included completing AT/AAC assessments of an entire classroom of third grade special education students, providing them with the applications and devices deemed most beneficial to their academic growth (as prescribed in the assessment), and training staff on their use.

In order to meet the goal of this effort, UCPGG is planning to establish an AT/AAC training facility that will include individual work stations and group areas for training and assessments. In addition, UCPGG will provide training and support services (including device programming and implementation strategies) to stakeholder groups to improve their ability to utilize technology. UCPGG will also establish an inventory of applications and devices that can be temporarily loaned or leased, giving school districts and other institutions cost effective alternatives and the opportunity to make the most of their technology funds.

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DynaVox: 5 Tips for Increasing Communication Participation During the Holidays

Get kids who use AAC ready for holiday fun by using some of the pre-made pages and great software features your DynaVox V/Vmax has to offer.

In this article, you will learn about:
— Pre-made holiday pages found in InterAACt.
– Halloween
– Thanksgiving
– Hanukkah
– Christmas
— Downloading holiday eBooks.
— Singing songs and playing holiday music.
— Creating a digital holiday photo album.
— Using the calendar pages to keep track of holiday activities.

Dynavox: 5 Tips for Increasing Communication Participation During the Holidays