UCP of the Golden Gate Life without limits for people with disabilities™

Meet the Staff

Administrative Director/Office Manager:
Lynnette Burris

SNAP Program Director/Advisor:
Dori Maxon

SNAP Program Coordinator – Berkeley:
Nancy DeRoche

SNAP Program Coordinator – Palo Alto:
Kathryn Azevedo

SNAP – Palo Alto – Admin/Program Assistant:
Justine Hedlund

Everyone In Recreation Assistants:

Noelle Abuda              Bunna Phun

Garsharn Bains          Akash Sharma

Cecilia Dynes              Suryekiran Sharma

Avery Hall                   Adriana Spina

Shalise  Madison        Trina Tolbert

Abby Navarro             Stacey Wilson

Elana Pera                   Baorung Xu                         

…and many other dedicated individuals!